July 2012: Two Michigan UFO Incidents in Two Days

Report by youtube user Sheilaaliens about a strange UFO activity in the sky above Michigan in United States on 10th and 11th July 2012.

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  1. &quot;Dang it,there goes my investment in that Chinese Lateran store!&quot;<br />Nice job reporting on this one Sheila.

  2. I&#39;m sure the U,S. government has alien(s) in their possession. But I cannot understand why they are trying to hide these types of visitation from other beings now.By saying their military experiments Maybe they want their ship and alien back, ( reference from Roswell. )

  3. Unfortunately this most assuredly was decoy flares from an AC-130 or HC-130. The amateur video confirms it, plus the military explanation fits. That&#39;s literally exactly what they look like. I&#39;m in the AF and see it at my base all the time. People always think they&#39;re UFOs. I know, I know, I work for the government, I must be full of it. However, I accept UFO phenomenon as much

  4. what the heck are all the boomerang things flying around, i called the airport and they tell me that they don&#39;t see any thing on the radar but this makes it the 6th time i have been seeing them whats going on!!!!

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