Two UFOs filmed over East Yorkshire, UK – July 2012

LUFOS – These two unidentified flying objects were seen and recorded in the night sky above Bridlington in UK on 7th and 9th July 2012.

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  1. good camera work dean authentic ufos mate travelling at some speed the last one in vid near the tower keep watching them skies there everywhere def not military these ones alien guided .

  2. I have seen many myself. I know they are real..<br />In fact – they are so real – I am not getting as excited as I used to be about UFOs<br /><br />Because they are In the real reality..<br /><br />Much brighter and out there..<br />But what is it?<br /><br />But those lights – yup – they are real..<br />I&#39;ve seen one stop far above me – when it stopped – it shined brighter – like it hit the

  3. Thanks for that, and its a beautiful UFO, ORB, and yes they will arrive…time is getting closer, the light they show, is not engineers, but light of one source….PURE, WHITE ENERGY….no need for engines, they run on only energy, particle energy, from all sources of the universe, …they come in and out threw, Portals, of Energy, they leave whispy vapour energy trails…no noise, no chemicals,

  4. that was a hell of a description mate, it fits together incredibly well, they are coming and it wont be much longer, but what if there hostile? its going to be a new reality when this goes down..

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