Triangle UFO filmed over Bristol, UK 28-Jul-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of huge triangle-shaped craft was recorded in the night sky above Bristol in UK. Saturday, 28th July 2012 around 1:30 am.
Witness report: Me and my friends caught this amazing triangle shaped UFO craft hovering in the sky above our city Bristol in United Kingdom. It was a Friday night (July 28 2012) around 1.30 am – so actually it was already a Saturday.
It was silent, no sound at all, we all freaked out a little bit. The strangest part is, we couldn’t see the sky thru this object, it was solid and very huge and it was hovering for a while, then it just vanished – just like that.
Were this aliens? Some crazy new craft from Area 51? I have no idea………..
Author (Janet Richmond @ youtube)

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  1. This object flew over Somerton @ 12:45 a.m. the object was well below cloud level. If I had to guess, about 1.5 to 2 km overhead altitude…flew directly over our cul-de-sec from South to North…putting it the direction of Bristol. Again, if I had to guess, 50 metre across…and I did not detect any sound. What caught my attention was the lights were all red…as a pilot, that is quite

  2. "Ruppidipuppidi Puffpuffpuffpuff. Guten Tag, Sir! Adolfi Hitli mein Name. Ich bin gekommen um sie abzuholen, bitte steigen Sie ein. Ich werde Sie umgehend ins Büro fahren. Dort klären wir die Einzelheiten. Machen Sie schnell, der Herr Schluckspecht erwartet Sie bereits." Adolfi stieg sofort in den Wagen, um keine Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen. Der hintere Bereich des Autos war mit einer

  3. re janet richmonds video of a triangle over bristol my own belief is these craft are new military technology from somewherein america been seen since late 90s first in belgium & since then throughout the world various countries great video clear they are type ufos whether alien or not is up for debate. keep glued to those skies .

  4. Something else is missing in this film. The "ship" is missing a fourth light, the one that always is on in the middle of the other three lights. Look at other pictures of this triangle ship….

  5. I Saw what I think is the same UFO being followed at some distance by a second triangle! Red orange in colour, shimmering. Both UFO's moved south disappearing into high level clouds. Full Moon blocked out many of the stars. The time of the sighting was 9:45pm Saturday,July 28, 2012. What do you think of that!! Quick flight to be sure! I live in Waterloo Ontario, Canada. They flew over

  6. I feel the same way with the 2012 Olympics in Britain.<br />Also the world over. There a change and with that IT IS A CHANGE for good<br /><br />Peace to all

  7. at 9:15pm on 7/29/2012 I saw this formation briefly over Long Island, NY It was preceded by a long fiery object (as if a large object was leaving the atmosphere) heading out of the atmosphere going west.

  8. There is no way to tell how far away or how big it is, there are no references to judge size and distance, it could be a hoax, a remote controlled helicopter designed to look like a triangle maybe. There&#39;s just no way to tell what it is.

  9. I saw something just like this yesterday in Syracuse, NY around 9:15 pm, accept there was one more orangeish orb following it. I can&#39;t say for sure if it was a solid object, but offhand if judging by the way it flew, it stayed in proportion. After about a few minutes, the triangle disappeared and the single orange orb remained and the orb seemed to fade away into what I have trouble

  10. My girl friend and I saw an orange object that can only best be explained as a fire on the shore of one of Sudbury, Ontario&#39;s lakes. We saw shadows moving, which my girl friend called kids in puffy suits. I only saw short shadows and an immense looking flame on the shore close to the water. A mere few seconds later the orange flame (UFO) rised and &quot;levitated&quot;, we saw what we would

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