Unknown lights above Moscow, Russia 7-Jul-2012

LUFOS – This video of three unknown object hovering in the sky above Moscow in Russia was filmed on Saturday, 7th July 2012 around midnight.

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  1. nice tri-form -russia has been cooling down a bit in ufo activity, i still think there is somthing going down over there – isnt the guy in charge of the iss that russian dude who has been in charge more then anyone else named comander gennady padalka – if that dude isnt an alien i dont know who is have you ever seen him blink(if not please check it out)!!! – i strongly believe he was put in place

  2. 3 chinese lanterns floating in the sky will produce a triangle..come on people why does every light have to be a ufo? these 3 lights dont do any incredible manouvres, they dont flash unusual colours,they glow standard chinese lantern orange, and float in standard chinese lantern style, stop fooling yourselves, we need real footage of objects which cant be explained, you have to be a monkey not to

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