Daytime UFO activity over Los Angeles, California 28-Jul-2012

UFO videos – This daytime footage of two linked objects hovering in the sky above Los Angeles in California was recorded on 28th July 2012.

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    • The music does not help.<br /><br />People – please stop adding production elements to &quot;real&quot; &quot;raw&quot; footage!<br /><br />We want it unfiltered, so we can make our own judgment without being influenced by spooky tunes.

  1. I have to say…this does look like balloons or fake or experimental aircraft. The lines are too set, including the revolutions and rotations. Even the third orb was on a constant straight line…questionable.

  2. Another UFO video that does not show the object till it is totally out of site,perhaps it is just the way he edited it?I see a lot of videos these days that just cut off with no ending.If I were filming a UFO I would not quit filming till it was gone for-sure.I think that would be true of anyone that really sees and films an unknown.The objects Look like balloons,not sure what to make of passing

  3. Top one, no tether on magnification plus movement is independent, easy to clarify.<br />Could you see these without the camera ?

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