UFO seen and recorded above Vienna, Austria 23-Jul-2012

UFO sightings – Unknown bright light was caught on tape over Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria on 23rd July 2012.
Witness report: [Best to be watched in full screen mode and HD] Monday morning, in bright daylight, 9.00 am, 23 July 2012, this object was filmed above the City Center of Vienna. The quality of my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII) was not appropriate enough to zoom further in, but with the eye it could be seen as a rotating and at some points very very bright object (i guess due to strong reflection of sunlight). I had the impression it was chrome like metallic, but this could be too much judgement here. It was not emitting light, it seemed to be reflecting it. It seemed to have a high altitude. Rotating across several axis. Nothing below a a couple of hundred meters. More in the region of low flying passenger planes.
The object moved relatively slowly (south-east), at the start of the observation, then at 01.01 minutes (of the video) it shifts its direction rapidly (!!!!!) and then continued flying at this point in a rather more constant speed in a straight line south. You can nicely see it compared to the balcony of the building in the video. The more i watch that move to the side on video, the more it freaks me out. I could see it with my eye, the move was very sudden and swift, and rather not common to what i would expect from an object I know.
I continued to watch it with my eye walking down the street in southern direction. I could follow it for at least 5 more minutes.
I could not hear any sound. It was very surely no plane. No helicopter noise. It was not a balloon or kite. It was rotating, around several axis. If it was a satellite crashing, it would not have made a turn at 1.01 minutes of the video and gone south-west… satellites crash rather with speeds in the range of several thousand km.
Whatever it was…i am not sure…but it had me at “owkayyy”. What was striking me the most, it was very very bright at points, so it must have a strong reflecting side and the rest must be also reflecting but not as strong, as it was always was visible but at some points very very much. I could see people on the street looking at it too and seeing it… You can actually see right at the start of the video, that when the camera is not in focus, that the object was pretty bright, when i started filming. It was really a bright blue sky with a lot of sun, and the object was extremely bright at some points.
Maybe this footage can be used to be analyzed some more.
Update: I just saw another (maybe 2) object(s) at 0.44 s, above the house left of the pole, right of the traffic light.
The video is now in several Austrian News Outlets
Author (alanalan77 @ youtube)

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  1. I understand it is an opinion you are looking for by giving the choices of Fake,Real or Not Alien.Wouldn`t it be better if the choices were Fake,Real or "Alien"?If we are talking UFOs here then real can only mean it`s a true UFO in it is an object that is flying and has not been identified.Thanks!

    • I agree with you &quot;Alien&quot; makes more sense than <br />&quot;Not Alien&quot; (if given choice of only one or the other)

  2. Thanks everyone, you have to watch it in HD and large, then you can see the object reflecting sunlight, and the move it makes at around 0.57 min of the video, sidewards, fast and unearthy. Well at least I dont know any objects that move like that. I could only think of a balloon getting into another jet stream, but it is a guess. I personally tend to think it was not earthly.<br /><br />ps: i am

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