Daytime unidentified flying object flying above Fresno, California 5-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting daytime footage of some kind of a flying saucer hovering in the sky above Fresno in California. This was recorded on Sunday, 5th August 2012 around 8 pm.

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  1. Looks solid xD<br /><br />Those light things are so weird -<br />Just the possibility of it…<br /><br />Something is checking out our planet..<br /><br />Wish you all well.<br /><br />T.

  2. The object crosses in front of the trees not behind. That does not make sense considering the perspective. This one is a fake.

  3. Another so called UFO video where the person stops filming,or the video is edited and cuts off.This raises my fake alert flag every time.

  4. What, no-one saying it&#39;s a chinese lantern ?<br /><br />Seriously though nice catch, looks good on blow up on HD<br /><br />Thanks for sharing

  5. remote control device.basically a toy and it just so happens that the tape is only a minute plus.why not continue to film,oh yeah,batteries ran out.

  6. I live in Fresno and I&#39;ve saw a large neon blue sphere( almost looked like a rain drop) as it was falling slowly and then disappeared abruptly at 130am of the 5th of August. It was like nothing I have seen before. I did research into comets, space debris, natural anomalies after I witnessed this. It looked nothing like any of those things. I was not the only to see it there was a witness who

  7. Hey LUS, thanks a whole bunch for perpetuating the butthead perspectives by adding the &quot;not alien&quot; button here. If you&#39;re going to add something like that, maybe people should have to explain why it&#39;s not alien before click is accepted. I&#39;m so sick of people welcoming the videos, then acting like they don&#39;t believe in ET&#39;s visiting us after all. Furthermore, I&#39;m

  8. In 1985 Curtisville, Michigan just after hunting and coming in to make dinner, while standing at the sink in front of the kitchen window, all of the glass began to rattle. Wondering if the windows were going to break and what could be causing this, I hurriedly went outside to see what it could be. As soon as I stepped outside there was no way you could not look-up … like a dark could hovering

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