UFO or orb seen and recorded over Pennsylvania 6-Aug-2012

UFO videos – This bright unidentified flying object or orb was recorded in Pennsylvania on Monday, 6th August 2012.
Witness report: My boyfriend and I were sitting on the back patio and I was taking pictures when I noticed a very large (aspirin-sized) bright object in the sky. I quickly took a picture of it and ran to get my camcorder.
We watched the object for 5-6 minutes as it ascended westward until it just vanished.
I also looked at the object through my binoculars. It was aqua colored,(perhaps because it was reflecting the sky which was aqua colored that eve?), it was glowing..no change in brilliance… no pulsating…, it had a darker center area. It didnt appear to be perfectly spherical but more diamond-ish in shape.
I have the film and the still photo.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. more proof of a ufo probe type craft bopping over the sky in pennsylvania it is genuine shot of unidentified object in bright sky. world waken up.scientists are looking for life in other planets the proofs been here for eons.people of all races from the top notches to the common man have seen ufos daily aliens cattle & horses mutilated abductions children in an african school witnessed a

  2. Sorry folks, but that was the ISS that rose that night in the west and disappeared about 6 minutes later in the east. (approximate direction – exact to/from locations posted on ISS tracker online).

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  4. I also saw this Monday night and since I have seen the real UFO's I still wasn't sure. But thanks for sharing and know this was not a weather balloon in western Pa since we have no major AF bases around that would put up a weather balloon.

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