Mass UFO sighting above Costa Rica 13-Aug-2012

UFO news – Another great footage of a UFO fleet flying above San Joaquin de Flores in Costa Rica. This video was filmed on Monday, 13th August 2012.

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  1. i wish theyd stop chattering so much i seen 9 then the 3 lights at each endof triangle the usual unseen fuselage of craft usually black in colour hidden to the naked eye i think these are new military type craft america has built from the aurora project & stealth type advanced technology which is from alien technology .

  2. Fantistic….footage…..Oh yes!…its all happening, more exciting thank watching fireworks.<br /><br />Between now and December, amazing things will rock this world..and wake up all HUMANITY…calm and peace, last

  3. I like this website, however, why do you have to sensationalize every sighting, such as this one ? It&#39;s clearly lanterns, not a &#39;mass ufo sighting&#39;. If you want this sight to be accepted as one that deals responsibly, scientifically and with common sense theories you must change your tactics !<br />I don&#39;t mean to winge but you have the basis of a good site, don&#39;t ruin it ! 🙂

  4. Does anyone else find it a little curious that every time a weather related catastrophe happens there are UFO&#39;s that have been seen in the area prior to it happening? Maybe it&#39;s just me.

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