UFO fleet over Vaucluse, France 11-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of unknown lights flying across the night sky above Vaucluse in France was recorded on Saturday, 11th August 2012.
Chinese lanterns or something more mysterious? Leave your comments below!

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  1. How can these be lanterns they light up on there own high in the sky. Who's lighting them? If they are flares being dropped from a plane/jet why can't we see or hear the plane or jet?

  2. IMO they are some type of communications. There have been many sightings worldwide like this one all recent and if you notice each sighting has the same number of lights in it . They same lights turn off/on in mid air and they form a sort of pattern or long sentence. I don't think they are aircraft flares there is no aircraft or sound from a plane/jet

  3. no they r not lanterns all i have is my word beleive me or not i live in new york near lake erie on the seneca nation of indians an no lie i saw these red orbs on august 12th at 2:00am under the clouds so they where very low 2 close in the front with more close behind well let me explain on august 12th there was suppose 2b a meteor shower at around 2-3 in the morning an the beach being a nice

  4. If you look closely, there is a strip down the middle of the screen, it's as if the camera operator had his camera sideways. The lights that some thought were just popping up there were just coming into the frame. You can see that the strip in the middle is the actual viewing area of the camera. These are just lanterns.

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