UFO investigations: The Nibiru Controversy – August 2012

The topic of Nibiru is once again raising its’ ugly head within the circles of survivalists, truthers and UFO researchers. This presentation looks at very fresh information and several important aspects of this controversial and potentially dangerous subject. Strong language warning.

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  1. This has got to be the most idiotic thing i've ever seen on here. First of all, has this radio guy written any books… he's probly just another doomsday nut job trying to make a quick buck by "not revealing his sources". His sources are in his mind. I really hope people aren't falling for this nonsense. Notice the video of the scientists never actually said what the object

  2. There is no proof of any planet size object on a collision course with earth! Further more if there was then hundreds of amateur astronomers would have spotted it by now…nobody has!

  3. So how fast is Nibiru? Shouldn&#39;t we be able to see it coming at some point before impact? <br /><br />Does it occur to anyone that secret societies exist not because these people are somehow cosmically better than us, they exist to intimidate us commoners. So we do their bidding and not make a lot of waves. This is the rule of the jungle.

  4. Yes, a reptilian species, serpents and dragons, that have bases under the earth (hell). Satan is called a serpent and a dragon in the Bible. Satan messed with God&#39;s creation (us) to make us better servants to him. Jesus came to &quot;set the captives free.&quot; The Reptilians are evil!! Jesus can save your soul from total destruction.

    • Your jesus is dead, so stop talking shit about religions here. The only satan in this world are the christians who persecuted, for 2 000 years now, every one who reject christians religions tyrany…you are not free, your are a slave of romans dogmas, which is christian religion

  5. The Gubamint is lying to us. They tell us that we are in danger from global warming. Thankfully, conspiracy wacknuts say there is no such thing as global warming. <br /><br />The Gubamint says there is no such thing as Planet X. Wacknuts tell us we are in danger from Planet X.<br /><br />Calgon, take me away.

  6. Ive personally had a few back and forth emails with good Ol David Morrison and I know first hand how full of shit he is. I threw the evidence right at him and it was from their own website and he called me a jokster and a liar. They are trying to cover their tracks and they really suck at doing so.

  7. Hi all! I agree with the other post so far. I do NOT think it exist because as someone said amateur astronomers would have spotted it by now. Also I think we should all remain in peace and focus on beautiful things instead and work to achieve them. The power of the thought is greater than we might imagine i think. Keep calm and enjoy life and try to make it even better for yourself and everyone

  8. Just live each day as it comes to the fullest, and when your number is up it is up, regardless of all doomsayers and soothsayers just live out your lives as best as you can. Time waits for no man.

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