Unidentified flying objects recorded above Stockholm, Sweden 12-Aug-2012

UFO sightings – These UFOs or orbs were caught on tape in Stockholm, the capital and the largest city of Sweden and constitutes the most populated urban area in Scandinavia. Recorded on Sunday, 12th August 2012.
Witness report: Possible UFO on 12th of August 2012 at 22.00CET (=local time) over Bromma Airport, Stockholm, Sweden. There are two lights in the video. The first and strongest light on the left first drew my attention, but it may just be the landing lights from a plane landing. I didnt see the other on the right side initially but spotted it later and it looked strange. It has some red/green lights in it so it may just be another plane.
Author (farkingh3ll @ youtube)

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  1. I have seen one of them too in the afternoon 15.30 above Denmark (Sealand) from Helsingborg. It was a very bright light, like some mirror reflected the sunlight or something metallic that reflected the sun, it blinked. it was steady shiny but it disappeard without a trace after some minutes. My husband sad it was an airbaloon, yeah right, an airballoon without a basked underneath without a

  2. Me and a neighbor walking our dogs saw a very bright, very steady light just before midnight yesterday 12th near Grimstad, South Norway. <br />Color was similar to Magnesium burning but it was not flickering. Did not make any sound.<br />It moved along the cost in a straight line (NE), then turned away from us (E-SE) and faded away into the distance turning red in color before disappearing.

  3. Please, if you ever are lucky enough to shoot video of a UFO again, find a suitable focus and zoom, and find a way to steady the camera and don&#39;t touch it. It ruins the video when you are all over the place focusing and zooming in and out and panning constantly, it&#39;s very annoying to the viewer. Thanks. I would suggest anyone else who reads this remember that too.

  4. This vid looked to me like a couple of commercial airliners on an approach path to the local airport. I noticed the one to the left eventually dropped down out of the sky and disappeared, as in a plane landing. <br /><br />This is supposedly Stockholm, Sweden, where one would expect commercial air traffic throughout the day and into the evening. I&#39;ve lived in Phoenix and Las Vegas for many

  5. Hm.. hard to tell what it is. The first one (left one) looks like a plane landing but a bit big. Normally the landing lights of a plane are only that strong when the plane comes on a straight line towards you but then they disappear when the plane turns. It appears to be travelling right to left but still you can see the strong light all the time which is a bit strange. <br /><br />The second one

  6. Well, I think these lights are from planes heading to the airport. I live in a high building and this is how it can look when the planes are coming in right towards my house. So I don&#39;t think this video shows any UFOs.

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