Mutual UFO Network Vid Analyst Rejects Outer Space Mothership UFO Claim

UFO sightings are somehow accepted by many to be as normal claims around the world. Perhaps, such sighting is reported everywhere where news and media are present. But a sighting was claimed to have been captured not on Earth, but outside it.

On September 11, 2012, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing large elongated object outside the window of NASA’s International Space Station. It claims that ISS camera caught a mothership UFO ejecting small unidentified flying objects that seem like going down to humans or flying outside Mars. The video’s uploader, identified as danielofdoriaa, also asserted that NASA intentionally switched to another camera to provide a different angle in the outer space to hide such phenomenal event.

However, Mutual UFO Network chief video and photo analyst Marc Dantonio rejected such claim of the uploader. Dantonio explained that it is just another case of mistaken UFO identity as he examined the YouTube video. He said that the unknown object is not literally outside the window, but on the window itself. Basing on his examination into the video, he further elaborated that the ISS camera is focusing on Earth and on everything, thus it is not unrealistic if such unknown object is not included in the focus.

Dantonio founded FX Model, a company based in Connecticut that creates models and special effects for several government projects in the U.S. He is expert in spotting hoaxes related to ufos and was able to build flying models that have been mistakenly identified as extraterrestrials.

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