Reports Over Anti-UFO Military Collaboration Between the U.S. and China + UPDATE

There are reports revealing an alleged cooperation between the U.S. and China to create a combat mission against a dangerous and deadly threat from unusual and unearthly enemies. It was claimed that American and Chinese Naval Forces were off San Francisco, California on joint combat operation against a possible attack by UFOs.

There have been speculations that emerged following the existence of such reports. One claim revealed that the U.S. was forced to use its most advanced sub-orbital weapons and UFO tracking sensors to defend against extraterrestrials that are believed to have been lurking under the sea.

The joint operation is truly beyond what a person could ever image as efforts and strategies being executed by these two countries are quiet far from what reality is supposed to offer. The alleged threat is tagged as unfriendly, highly dangerous and life-threatening, which, according to the reports, was responded with tight military security and action plans.

The claimed collaborative mission was also confirmed by an intelligence agency in Asia, disclosing that both the Chinese and American governments went aggressive to respond to what it described as a potential extraterrestrial terrorism.

Claims and speculations related to the phenomenal military combat mission continues to spread in public, but neither of the two countries confirmed even just one. Long had before this allegation occurred, many claims that involved actual UFO sightings were rejected after being proven that they were just fabricated. But it would still be alarming to know if such operation actually happens. (c) 2012

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Wednesday, 26th September UPDATE:
UFO Wars and Invasion [25-Sep-2012] – Clyde Lewis welcomes Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today. Duff’s recent article, “UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco,” has generated a huge buzz about what’s really going on in the Pacific Ocean. Is this a “Battleship” scenario come true?

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  1. Source(s)?<br />&quot;There have been reports&quot; by whom?<br />&quot;It has been claimed&quot; by whom?<br />&quot;There have been speculations&quot; by whom?

  2. Yes dear journalist, you are correct, their multi-diamensional beings, because you just have the knowing, the knowing that this is of truth…as are many things that will eventuate…this 2012….<br /><br />you cannot destroy…An Angelic Light/Energy Being…that has a body of light, which is a being, created by the creator….stick that in your pipes…NAVY…you cannot..WIN…for the glory of

    • You have to remember, humans view everything as having the same nature as humanity. We view everything as a threat or hostile simply because it is in our borders.<br /><br />We think all species of our mindset, which to me is ludicrous. We are about as savage as a species as they come. If anything these multi dimensional beings are just watching us to make sure we can only cause harm to

    • Eternal Life is the gift WE have and OTHERS don&#39;t. Like the Fountain Of Youth, is it not logical that if this in fact exists Others would surely travel light years to get It? I agree with your statement of living a life full of love, compassion and truth. Where as I believe we can do this here those in Our control will not permit it. We as the Human race must hope that the little guys opinion

  3. Yeah, some sources would be nice! <br /><br />People who believe in ufos have been rediculed for many years but if &quot;they&quot; start talking about &quot;UFO terrorism&quot; i wonder who the joke is really on! =) Its one thing to use guys in caves as terrorists but starting another war on terrorism and in this case UFO-terrorism would be to go too far i think! They have always told us UFOs

    • I will prepare for any &quot;alien invasion&quot; as a hoax perpetrated by world powers to enact a fake alien invasion to really clamp down control on the populations of earth, leading to the new world order and full control of populations by a military state.<br /><br />

  4. these countries are embarrassing the human race….they are not going to hurt us….i do wish that they would just vaporize many military bases and the people in them to prove a point. go ahead and vaporize anybody high in office also.

  5. oh yee of little faith I think really there is far too much evidence i e crop circles ufo sightings and unexplained orbs etc etc . how arrogant is man that he believes he is the pinnacle of evolution, when in fact he may be the bottom of the chain just open uplook around you there is much to explore keep your mind open and you may be surprised at what you find!!!!!!!!!!

  6. As a hindu munk in a monastery for 7 years and 40 years as a munk all hindus know ufo-usos are real i have read the vedas ,sanskrit,and many more we know they are here and real!!

  7. Interesting and could possibly be true to some,extent. Although, until this story is backed by some hard evidence (Any evidence would help) &amp; credible sources, I can not beleive this story is real, especially considering how far fetched it is. Do you believe everything you read on the Internet? Than why should we believe this? If there could be some credible evidence to this, it would be an

  8. its all about those dick heads who atm pritty much run the world , trying to get the people on their side again , with &quot;terrorism&quot; if they were a threat we would have been wiped out years ago! they are afraid of losing power, so they will go to thegreatest lengths to stay at the top. bloody mofo&#39;s lol well i know most of these ufo&#39;s are NOT hostile.

  9. As pointed out above the gov&#39;t has been saying there is nothing to aliens and UFOS and now they are going to have a &quot;war&quot; with them? This does seem very bizarre. This charade can&#39;t last for much longer. Sad part is they probably have the technology to play it out realistically.<br /><br />fyi I am a firm believer that ETs are real and some have been here from the beginning.

  10. Nothing has happened yet.It will not happen.So don&#39;t give your assets away yet, unless you want be nice and give them to me.Unless someday an asteroid hits our earth big time, well sorry people the end of the world as we see it only happens when we die.That is the end our world then we go on to another plane

  11. The U.F.O. Conventions ten years ago, announced cooperation with U.S. and China. Supposedly a downed saucer craft in China was turned over to the U.S.– With the guarantee that our reverse technology will be shared with them. (Why do you think China is giving the U.S. $1 Trillion a year for several years?)If we play our cards right, we can have a galactic war. LET&#39;S JOIN THE &quot;Federation

  12. What a load of rubbish! Whilst the probability of Intelligent life other than<br />our own is very high, there is no threat to us, there never will be. The distance<br />of any planets supporting life is immense, they would never get here. You people<br />have been watching to many movies. There is no Alien Invasion about to happen,<br />no government cover up. Why would Aliens want to attack us?

    • OMG… absolutely ignorant! Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence that can objectively analyze data and evidence knows that that there is more than we are being told… you are a coward.. you refuse to have an open mind because you are really afraid of what you will see… <br /><br />Forget the US for a moment… look at the UK, Brazil, France government… yes…governments,… all

  13. Both the actual newspaper article and the LUS article are so poorly written, no one in their right freaking mind would lend an ounce of credence to any of this. Yet at the same time, it would not surprise me in the least bit if the Chinese and Americans were joining forces in order to combat an E.T. presence. Not all aliens are good, just like not all of them are bad. Point is, aliens DO exist

  14. I really can&#39;t see how this is credible. No &#39;&#39;whistleblowers&#39;&#39; coming forward. And as for using our measly weapons against alien intelligence well, I think if they wanted to they could annihilate our armouries within moments. I believe they are visiting us so that human consciousness can shift to the next level. Something astounding is what it will take. Religion is not

  15. People need to wake up this is a real threat just break it down and think about the strange happenings around the world a lot of you people are ignorant to the TRUTH WAKE UP .

  16. If the Creater is on his way back well, even the fallen ET&#39;s are looking fora place to put their &quot;hide in a cave&quot; routine. We Americans have a sayin, &quot;We&#39;ll put a boot across your backside if needed&quot;, in this case I really wonder who will be left behind?

  17. &quot;both the Chinese and American governments went aggressive to respond to what it described as a potential extraterrestrial terrorism.&quot;<br /><br />This is frightening. And it&#39;s exactly what one would expect our government to say about visitors from other worlds, but then again, it&#39;s time the visitors got a clue: Earth is ours.<br /><br />Excellent story with cool resources/videos

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