UFO Sighting Over Texas Town

A Spring, TX, witness claims seeing a red-orange light in the evening sky that produced a smaller sized, gray sphere, as documented on September 21, 2012, accounts from the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
The witness was driving southbound on I-45 going on the way to Houston at the FM 1960 exit into Spring when 2 objects were first observed.
“I observed 2 roundish, relatively big ‘pulsating’ reddish-orange lights at around 15 degrees of elevation on the southwest skyline, going on the way to the northeast,” the witness reported. “Although it is difficult to know the distance from me since I have no idea of their real size, I might assert they were 4-5 miles at a distance from me, maybe only coming up and above Greens Rd., west of the Greenspoint Mall.”
Having twenty five years of experience as a flying mechanic, interest got in into the witness and he pulled over for an even better look.
“I witnessed that these lights were flying in a structured air travel, at the 8 o’clock and 2 o’clock positioning relative to each other. I opened my sunroof and began shooting these objects with my mobile phone.”
The sole video released with the MUFON report can be seen here:

The witness also found a 3rd object.
“At that moment, I observed a smaller sized, also roundish, dull gray-white light just under the 2 bigger reddish-orange lights, but since this light was so weak and occasional, I eventually missed it with my sight (and I believed to my camera’s sight also). I went on to monitor these objects till they were straight over my vehicle at a 90-degree elevation to the skyline.”
The witness formed some findings regarding the UFOs.
“The moment from when I first began recording them until they were straight overhead, was around a minute. In the course of this period, these objects never moved relative to each other and continued to be the whole time in the 8 o’clock, 2 o’clock formation. I was thinking at their first distance from me, this would put their pace around 240-300 miles per hour.”
The witness also guesses that the objects were flying fairly low.
“They created no noise, even though it was so noisy from the highway traffic, I do not know that I would have heard them nonetheless. If I had to speculate their elevation when they went by over my automobile (once again, without idea on their actual size makes this more hard), I would say they were 1,000 to 1,200 ft. overhead.”
The witness went on to observe the objects as he tried to get video when he noticed one of the objects really near to him.
“Right away, my eyes captured a really faint, grayish-white sphere hovering just over the woodland to my left. This particular object was really faint, not very emitting light. It was around 100 yards from me, at around 90-100 feet in elevation, gradually ascending. This grayish-white object had a particular spherical shape, and I would assess its size at around 8-10 feet in diameter. As I whipped my camera around to record it, my naked eye would occasionally lose track of it as it seemed ‘go dark’ on occasion. I witnessed this object for around 10-15 seconds and it was very faint at times, I was not certain if the mobile phone captured it, but it turns out it did.”
The witness went on to lookup the skies in anticipation of extra video record.
“I switched my interest back to the front of the automobile, and now found another, single reddish-orange light getting close to me from the southwest and I began to film it also. After a couple of seconds of recording, I once again observed possibly another second grayish-white sphere or similar previous one, had now showed up a little further south in the direction of the Acura dealer. It was now approximately 1/8 mile in front of me, still to my left. The object was moving a little speedier this time going towards the northeast as if to join with the first 2 reddish-orange objects. I was fortunate enough to capture this on film for a couple of seconds also. As soon as it was gone on my sight, I turned back to glance at the 3rd reddish-orange object, and it was disappeared.”
The witness afterwards viewed the video he shot that time and has a hypothesis.
“I was amazed to discover a UFO seemed to ‘drop’ from 1 of the first 2 reddish-orange objects that I had first captured on video. Could this ‘dropped’ object be the little, grayish-white sphere I had a close up experience with over the woodland tree line? Check out the video and you make a decision. It was a wonderful encounter. It could have been more wonderful if I had a better camera at that very moment.”
Spring is in Harris County twenty miles north of downtown Houston, Texas, residents 54,298. The MUFON report was recorded on September 20, 2012. The incidents happened on September 4, 2012 around 10:20 p.m.
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