UFO Caught on Cam over Turkey

An amazing, bullet-shaped UFO was seen and caught on video over undisclosed part of Turkey and posted to YouTube on August 28, 2012.

The witness did not provide clear information in the description of the video except for the title written in Turkish.

Just a quick look at the UFO, you can say that it is not any airplane, helicopter, or jet ever caught on video before.

You don’t get much detail by zooming in on the object because the video camera used in filming does not have good quality. It looks like the one who filmed the UFO was working at a construction site because rebar concrete is shortly caught in the video.

The UFO is silver-grey, similar to the color of many orb-like objects caught on cam recently. However, the object has a vapor trail streaming behind, making it an unusual one. The UFO has no discernible wings as well as rotor blades, and no flashing navigational lights.

The vapor trail is maybe common in a flying object propelled by some kind of engine or in an object flying so high. However, given the height of the object in the video, none of the body of the flying object would be seen well enough to make out with any certainty. That is not the situation here.

Anyone who already saw chemtrail videos many times would know that this UFO sighting is not ordinary.

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  1. lol. Plane@a distance….. With: AutoFocus [on] / Digital zoom [Maxed]……… Result: digital artifact!<br /><br />Site like this shoulkd no that. Maybe next time.

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