Daytime UFO recorded over Minas Gerais, Brasil 26-Aug-2012

LUFOS – This unknown solid object was seen and recorded hovering in the sky above Minas Gerais in Brasil on 26th August 2012.

What do you think this is? A drone or something more mysterious?

Your opinion?
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  1. That is not a balloon, not a weather balloon. Look at the shape of that thing. Stop film on 1.05min. you will see the craft slighty inclined and the top of the craft is nicely illustrated. A balloon moves on at a certain speed. this thing is merely moving. this is not a balloon.

  2. Nice pic of the UFO, its funny how everyone gets scaared, but in fact, there isnt anything to worry about….its just an illusion the fear…its just programming of to many movies…and overload of information…..but they are very real….and visiting us worldwide, to disclose to us all we arnt on our own any more….THAT WE ARE ALL OF ONE UNIVERSE, ONE GOD, ONE SPIRIT…ONE LIGHT OF LOVE…

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