Former UK UFO Adviser Claims Country Stockpiles Weaponry Against Alien Threat

A former UFO Adviser to the Ministry of Defense in the UK claims that the government has prepared weaponry for defending the country against any possible alien invasion or attack.

Nick Pope divulged that the country has stockpiled special weapons, drones and many prototype aircraft to fight against terrifying extraterrestrials aiming to invade the nation. He explained during an interview with MSN that alien invasion is not impossible given that reported UFO sightings never stop from occurring despite the government’s rejection. He attributes his belief in possible alien threat to the statements of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan during his speech to the United Nations saying that he was thinking how all countries could make similarities when an alien attack becomes true.

One of the factors that really convinced Pope that alien attacks are possible was the incident in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk in East England in 1980 wherein a UFO was reportedly landing between two military bases. Military officers who responded to the area of incident reported that radiation levels went beyond normal as the unknown flying object was seen flying over the bases.

Pope spent 21 years at the MoD until he left in 2006. He was also once in coordination with a government program that was intended for declassifying and releasing UFO documents from the ministry to the National Archives. He is presently residing California and conducts lectures around the world while working with film and television companies.

He said that in the event of an alien attack, countries around the world could easily combine their resources and set up a strong defence, putting aside their differences in beliefs and cultures. (c) 2012
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  1. Alien attack…???. What is he talking about???.<br />If our &quot; VISITANTS &quot; would want to attack us, absolutely nothing in our power could stop them from erasing us from the face of our planet. No doubt about it. ONE MORE TIME, &quot; They &quot; are here to help us in our awaking of conscience about who we truly are as a Humans, and as Spiritual Beings; that&#39;s all…!!!

  2. There is no way that humans can win against an Alien attack that has been well planned.<br /><br />They have the ability to render our nuclear weapons harmless for one thing, and knock out our power grids, and communications for another.<br /><br />Our only hope of salvation rests with the Aliens who presently protect us, and hopefully they will continue to do so, but the portal is closing. If

  3. Nick Pope knows as well as all governments that we will in time have problems because we can&#39;t ever get along properly with anyone and that goes for every country be it USA or England France,Russia,Iraq any country.Then when it&#39;s over we&#39;ll fight each other again wish it were not true.We all need to concentrate on peace NOW and figuring out a way to fix our World NOW.Money is the root

  4. An alien threat ? are you kidding me ?? they would have wiped us off the face of the earth a long time ago . It`s the most disturbing news i`ve heard yet , about stockpiling weapons for use against ET civilzations that are visiting us ? WTF is wrong with people ?? The only threat is The US military constantly firing on UFOs to bring them down . They are planning a False alien threat scenario

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