UFO activity above Ontario, Canada – October 2012

UFO videos – This UFO activity was recorded in the sky Northern Ontario,a geographic and administrative region of the Canadian province of Ontario. Filmed on 4th October 2012.
More info in the video!
Witness report: A quick, bright flash of light led to me investigate an area above the treeline, across the bay in Northern Ontario. Through the help of night-vision, a dim object was detected and observed for approximately 20 minutes.
Author (PLANETunderATTACK @ youtube)

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  1. That's a "laser widow" that someone is shining up into a cloud. They have the setting on narrow circle (it is fully adjustable from a wide circular pattern all the way down to a single point of laser light). This is definitely fake, and SHAME ON THE PEOPLE WHO FAKED THIS! We'll NEVER get down to the truth about UFOs with charlatans like this making fake videos!

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