UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Victoria

A man living in Melbourne, Victoria reported that he saw a UFO one night outside his house with a neighbor. He claimed that the UFO appeared to be a very bright light that was making unusual movements in the sky. It was that night when he started to believe that humans may not be alone in the universe and that there are some supernatural creatures lurking somewhere.

Tuesday evening, this man was approached by a neighbor who was the first one to see such strange light in the sky. This neighbor told him to witness the strange flying object or the so called UFO and he was not failed by what he saw, which he thought to be very extraordinary. This man is called “Ivan” and shared that the way that light moved was never observed in a plan, helicopter or any aircraft. He further expressed that he was really intrigued by the time he witnessed such phenomenon.

Reportedly, the UFO was seen moving for 10 minutes and not only this man witnessed such even. In fact, there are other people who claimed that they also saw a similar light flying in the sky on that night.

Australia has been reporting several cases of UFO sightings that up to now remain unexplainable. Even the Royal Air Force reported to have experienced an encounter with a UFO that was flying at tremendous speed and at unrealistic altitude.

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