UFOs Reportedly Monitoring Mars Rover Curiosity

Interest and excitement in meeting extraterrestrial beings started since the launching of planetary spacecraft in the late 1950s. Legend tells humanity that creatures from outer space are watching humans explore the solar system.

People started reporting about UFOs long before Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) of NASA landed. In the past few months, many reports have already surfaced about UFOs around the Gale crater landing site right after the successful touchdown of the Mars rover named as Curiosity. Images from MSL reportedly show UFOs above the landing site. However, these images all have bad pixels.

A number of alleged UFO sightings involve the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 to the Moon. However, Neil Armstrong denied these proposed UFO sightings. Many years ago, Buzz Aldrin gave an interesting story to CNN host Larry King about UFOs that trailed them on their mission. Aldrin added that the UFOs were flying on similar lunar trajectory as their spaceship.

Astronomical images sometimes look like UFOs including images of planets or bright stars. An example on this is Venus which is so bright which can produce a bleed in a camera CCD detector. One of the notable photos was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope showing a strange x-shaped pattern. The shape was the result of the collision of two asteroids. However, many people insist that it was a spaceship.

Recently, UFO believers reported to have observed a crashed space craft on asteroid Vesta from the photograph of NASA’s Dawn mission. This particular idea were spread all over the internet and created several UFO-related theories and ideas.

Space images are always used as evidence but when they fail to give concrete evidence, UFO enthusiasts would blame the government for UFO cover-ups by keeping quality pictures and footages and ordering astronauts to remain silent.

It is always interesting to think the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life, intelligent or microbes. Images and footages of UFOs are all over in the online world. However, these are all in poor quality such as UFOs that hovering or flying few meters away from the Earth’s surface.

Only time could tell when humans get concrete evidence of the existence of UFOs or thinking aliens, given the premise that they really exist. But what if life is just so unique and only Earth has living beings? If life can only be found on Earth, then, the search for extraterrestrial life and evidence of UFO would only stop with the end of mankind.

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