UFOs v.s. Government Conspiracy

Many people believe in government conspiracy pertaining to UFO sightings. The claim that the government aims to hide any possible evidence of alien attacks seems to be very transparent that the people can easily figure it out. Perhaps, there is no evidence that can exactly explain the mystery behind aliens and extraterrestrials. But the history repeats itself and so do reports on UFO appearances.

The boom of the first UFO sighting is accompanied by the increasing interest of scientists and researchers in possible life beyond earth. The space missions launched on Mars only indicates how desperate humans are in finding even a small proof that extraterrestrials are real. When NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) invaded the Martian planet, the emergence of reported sightings of strange things relevant to aliens in the red planet’s skies seemed too much to handle. To add to that, the successful landing of rover Curiosity was followed by several claims that the Gale crater landing site was surrounded by unidentified flying objects. In fact, photos from MSL are seen to have strange formations that were classified as unidentified, but were later concluded to be caused by poor camera pixels.

Furthermore, the moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969 was also surrounded a number of intended UFO sightings. However, neither famous Neil Armstrong nor one of the NASA officials confirmed such allegations. Life has been filled with fictional stories and this has truly influenced how humans see potential extraterrestrial existence.

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  1. Thank you for this thought. If we do not separate the fiction from reality, how can we ever figure out what the UFO’s are? In addition, if ET’s are bombarding us we certainly need the help from our government and military. Personally, I feel the governments of the world perhaps do know something odd is going on and they do not feel we can handle it, and some cannot. I hope to believe our

  2. I am a hindu munk for 41 years reading the sanskrit,vedas.and other hindu old books that tell of the vimanas and many flying ufo we know they are real!

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