Unidentified flying object recorded above Porter Ranch, California 15-Oct-2012

UFO videos – New footage of strange bright object in the night sky above Porter Ranch in California. This was recorded on Monday, 15th October, 2012.
Witness report: I woke up in the middle of the night and seen a bright light flashing onto the walls of my house i happened to look outside and seen the trees were going crazy as it was extremely windy. And this oval shaped thing flashing bright lights it stayed in one spot for almost 2 hours. I never believed in UFOs till I seen this its 4:04 am on Oct 15,2012.
Author (fflip2007 @ youtube)

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  1. Exactly, is a flashlight reflection off mirror or window, this is NOT a ufo of any kind. You can clearly see as the person sways the "pulsing" effect happens as does the "other" small lights appear and disappear. Total fake.

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