Mass UFO activity over Israel/Palestine border – November 2012

These stange unidentified flying objects were recently recorded over Israel/Palestine borded (in November 2012). There is not a lot of information available about this UFO sighting, but it looks like it was recorded during the state of emergency.

If you have any information about this video, please leave a comment below!

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  1. those are definitely not missiles, they&#39;re flying in some strange patterns. <br /><br />maybe some alien orbs trying to stop the war?

    • Dude not a good point. This is definitely footage of Israel&#39;s Iron Dome defense at work. You&#39;re basically watching advance heat seeking missiles being fired to engage and destroy individual rockets being fired from Hamas terrorists. Those sirens go off all over the place whenever the IDF&#39;s radar detection systems pick up enemy rockets and mortars. <br /><br />Basically you&#39;re

    • Exactly, that is definitely what these are, there is no doubt that these are missles being destroyed by the Iron Dome defense system.

  2. def alien brigade trying to intecede with silly war going on over there bitterness religeon hatred against each other come on people wake up world wants peace innocent people kids killed in the name of religeon land etc wars all over our world great video thanks .

  3. They do not care of death/war to ourselves, they understand life is eternal, you cannot destroy what is eternal.<br /> The flashes are a &#39;flip&#39; in time/space; an exit point of our spatial existence. <br /> Understand what the dome of the rock is in history.

  4. Obviously no one saw the shape of the object the lights were wrapped around it , dont be scared it had to happen sooner or later the way this Planet has become, think of it as a New Beginning. <br />21/12/2012 We will see.

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