UFOs Hovering in the Sky of Philadelphia

Another cigar-shaped objects have been spotted over the regional airport of Philadelphia on November 5, 2012 around 5 P.M. The report has been documented in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published in The Canadian.

The witness told that he was driving home from work and on his way he spotted a light in the sky. He initially though that the light was just an optical illusion, so he blinked to refocus his eyes. When he looked up again, he noticed three more objects. They have similar angle, not moving, and with constant and consistent light.

He continued to observe the sky and noticed that the objects were not moving. Three were on his right just a treeline in elevation and the other were in far distance and seemed higher in the sky. The 4th object was in his left.

He continued to watch the objects as he was driving until he thought he lost sight of them because he already shifted in direction. But he realized that there was one object in the far distance. He was sure that the object was different from airplane lights because he saw airplane lights after. Moments later, he completely lost sight to all objects.

The witness claimed that he is a logical and rational type of person and never witnessed anything strange in the sky before. He contacted the National UFO Reporting Center in the middle of the event and gave short description. He did not take photos of the objects because he was not comfortable pulling over in the freeway to take shots during rush hour.

The witness knew MUFON at the event where the organization was mentioned and that led him to file the report in MUFON as well.

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