2 new videos of UFO activity above Wisconsin – 2012

I just received an email about these two UFO sightings that were recorded over Wisconsin in United States recently.
27th November 2012

5th December 2012

What do you think these two UFO videos? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. I've seen the two here in Wisconsin. November 5th, In Waukesha county, over the Genesee/Dousman/Wales area. Same objects with the bright intermittent flash. I have no explanation. Nothing I have seen before.

  2. the one taken recently is venus playing mind tricks behind a tree the other one is so shaky i cant tell but its probably the jupiter and venus transistion that happened in may. I'm a firm believer and extremely paranoid and even i cant tell what that one is. the other one idk tho but given she thought venus was a ufo the other one was probably planets too

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