VIDEO: Blue orb over Las Cruces, New Mexico 28-Nov-2012

UFO orbThis blue unidentified flying object or some kind of sphere was recorded over Las Cruces in New Mexico and it was heading towards El Paso, TX. Filmed on Wednesday, 28th November 2012 at 7:30 pm.
Witness report: Sorry for the crappy quality… Annnnnnd that we wouldn’t shut up but it was so exciting!
The blue orb in the picture is the moon but if you watch closely, you can see a series of one or two “floating” yellow lights that we cant explain. In person those lights were bigger and more pronounced but my phone makes them seem much further away. Tell us what you think in the comments

This was our first time ever seeing anything like this…well at least of this magnitude. It was taken last night at approximately 7:30pm local time. From what I could tell as I was heading east on the I-10, it looked like the lights would sometimes be hidden or become obstructed by what I’m assuming is A mountain or Organ mountain so my guess is whatever it was, those lights would have had to have been just north of it.

Author (smbradburn @ youtube)

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  1. I dare any one to say that those lights are chinese lantern or anything else from earth.<br />Good job filming and letting us share in your experience. Very awesome indeed!

  2. just a note, the blue orb in the pic and video is not what he is looking at, he mentions that in the video. He&#39;s looking at the white lights on the horizon/

  3. I thought it was about the blue light.. Then I noticed the blue light was just a light shining on the car window from inside.. If you notice there is one white light in the distance and then another one pops up.. I was thinking hey this is a hoax cos I noticed when the car went over a bump the window shook and so did the blue light lol..

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