Bright unidentified flying objects over Gilbert, Arizona 8-Dec-2012

unknown lightsUFO videos – This UFO sighting was seen and recorded in the night sky above Gilbert, a town in Maricopa County, Arizona. Filmed on Saturday, 8th December 2012.

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    • Lets see you confirm an airplane approaching the airport by getting a video of one onto this site for all to see!<br />Pilot.<br />

    • Yes this is flares.<br />I have seen and used them.<br />You can see the parachute above them.<br />Sorry ,because I do believe in UFO crafts.<br />I have seen them live from NASA feed and other <br />video&#39;s.

  1. fantastic capture,certainly not a shooting star,i look forward to the debunkers who will say its a rare magical antimatter type shooting star from the orion belt or self controlled space debris lol

  2. I was amazed. But the sound of the plane makes me now think it was skydivers with fireworks on their boots, which is a very common night-jump trick they do.

  3. This looks like a game of random debunking, ok my turn, I call swamp gas bouncing off of the silver surfers shiny bald head whilst he was toking on a massive joint!

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