UFO on Christmas Day Over Calgary, Alberta

Lights are part of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, but a Calgary resident believes that he saw a strange lights in the sky. The witness reported his sighting to the Alberta UFO Study Group. The reported event happened on Christmas Day at 7:45 PM in the Millrise area of Calgary, Alberta.

The witness claimed that he noticed four red lights in the southwest sky while driving on his way home after warming up his car to take his mother and sister home after an early Christmas dinner. He said the lights were steadily moving northwards and about 20 degrees up from the horizon.

At first the witness thought he saw a Big Dipper the fact that there were four lights but later realized that the lights positioned in the wrong part of the sky and they were red. Each one of them started to disappear and when there was only one left, he dashed into their house and called his mother to have a look.

The mother caught the object briefly before it was disappeared too. The witness can’t explain those UFOs and did not bother to go online to search if there was any news about it.

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