3 huge UFOs flying over the moon? December 2012

UFOs on the moon
Three unidentified flying objects were flying across the Moon’s surface. This interesting UFO video was recorded recently – in December 2012 in United States.

What do you think about these huge bright objects or orbs?

Your opinion?
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    • Technically there is no dark side of the moon. There is a "far" side of the moon. Both sides get the same amount of sunlight. We just see half or 1/4 of that light while the remainder of the sunlight is on the far side of the moon. When we see a full moon only then is the far side completely dark.

    • There is NO actual darkside of our moon, only to us earthlings, I thought I'd point this out because of the misbelief of many who think that one face is perpetually bathed in darkness, it is NOT.

  1. I would like more info—like how is it that you chose to video the moon and withing a few minutes there happens to be 3 lights showing up? seems suspicious…just sayin'

  2. Last week i took my camera to watch the moon closely.<br />I&#39;ve seen 4 or 5 lighting spheres like that too!<br />Unfortunately i didn&#39;t had my memory card to record, now i have it and i&#39;ll be alert!!

  3. isn&#39;t amazing that 90% of the people that see these objects<br />and photograph them cannot hold a camera still !! here you have the moon and a bouncing camera, why?? because they have<br />to get everything in order to make these fake movies , that why….any movie that bounces is a FAKE……

  4. cannot vouch for this video BUT I can&#39;t believe that there are still doubters about why we have NOT been back to the moon. Not the US, Russia, China, Japan &amp; Europe who have all been capable of launching missions have made NO attempt to do so, not even the private sector, even though the prize of having the first habitable base on the moon would be unimaginable not to mention the

  5. Must not life be so easy for these people who continually sit back &amp; refute everything, it is so easy particularly when most have othing whatsoever to do with space or even the fundemantals, really don&#39;t know why we idiot spend so much time in scrutenising everything, either proving or disproving a theory when we could just ask some of these self assessed experts.<br />Sure the bulk of

  6. First of all the scammer didn&#39;t take into consideration the arc of the moon, if you follow the arc and complete the circle it reaches past the objects that are supposed to be emerging from the other side. Case closed.

  7. 5 of us watched an object flying back and forth over the moon Dec 30 2012. It was visible without any lenses just by eyesight. Watched for over half hour. We are on the east coast of Virginia. Recorded several minutes on ipad.

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