UFO lands in Liaoning province, China – 2012

Alien in China
This video was just posted on Youtube a few days ago and it already got a lot of views, but note, it’s probably a fake.
This footage of the possible UFO landing in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China was recorded in 2012. The Group of friends were travelling by car to the park for a day out and a picnic when they spotted the object descending behind some trees, they then stopped the car and ran over to the spot where the UFO had apparently landed.

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  1. Looks like those skulls found in Peru. This is an Annunaki. I am compring ship to other pics.<br />The posture and shape of body is like that of ancient Annunaki such as THOTH. PROSPECTOR

  2. OMG This is so fake that it&#39;s embarrassing and a disgrace that you would even put it on a respected web site like this.. It&#39;s like someone&#39;s attempt at making a real life half cartoon mini movie that&#39;s gone bad cos they didn&#39;t know what they were doing..lol hilarious

  3. UFO completely dissapears when it goes behind the trees like some frames missing and when landed moves of the creature is extremely digital. So fake obviously.

  4. Hmmm-people attend to always think its fake,when its &quot;too&quot; clear footage.And when its too (not) clear as well?This could be real.Stupid thing,we at all have to doubt,coz some still make fakes ???hhC

  5. i would like to know why you think we true believers and witnesses with REAL footage would EVER believe that this drivel you&#39;ve posted here is real. do you think we&#39;re all a bunch of saps? speaking for this site itself, how can you allow such nonsense to be posted on what i thought was a serious site. this leads me to believe you are making fun of actual witnesses. i am very disappointed

  6. STUPID!!! BTW !!!!!!!! I would totally sodomize the passenger of this fake UFO video !!!! NOW ???? What do you think about that ???

  7. This site is commended for not filtering or censoring some of the immature comments either FOR or AGAINST ! Keep up the good work, LUFOS ! Lets get some rational comments from those not prone to revealing their ignorance or bias; some critical analysis of the video data would be a welcome change.

    • Thank you for your subtle insight into my intentions; Yes,I &quot;did not offer any advice about the film&quot;, as far as my opinion/conclusion on whether it is a genuine video of a &quot;real&quot; unknown/alien craft. I wanted to avoid preempting any present analysis with an essentially biased opinion/conclusion. <br />I did however encourage/solicit &quot;critical analysis of the video data&

  8. the alien cannot be human,, not even anorexic humans are that thin so its either a digital creation or its real. the craft looks real to me if you notice the landing gear and how it folds out.. someone put a lot of time to make something look that real if it isn&#39;t.

  9. Sodomy? Really? Why are you letting comments like that get through? Why are you letting such obviously fake videos on this site? I once loved this site. Thought you were a place for serious ufo enthusiests to go. Now you have become sleezy, vulgar and a joke! Thats too bad, i used to visit here everyday.

    • This site can do without you anyway, since you don&#39;t justify with any specific or rational comment your dogmatic conclusion of &#39;obviously fake videos&quot;. You definitely don&#39;t sound like you fit the profile of &quot;serious UFO enthusiEsts&quot; but more like a typical &#39;UFO-debunker&#39; and self-appointed public censor of free speech and morality. Grow up !

  10. This is the best ufo video I have ever seen to illustrate how they can be faked, lol. It&#39;s so bad I can&#39;t stop laughing.

    • Stop laughing at yourself for a moment and tell the many eager and mature visitors to this site exactly WHY &quot;this is the best ufo video (you) have ever seen to illustrate HOW they can be faked&quot;. <br />Your hollow response/comment (lol) is typical for those without any rational reasons for their criticism or conclusion.

  11. For a starter, observe the landing gear begins to deploy just as the &#39;unknowncraft&#39; begins its descent behind the trees; it will assist if you slow or pause the video at short intervals.<br />Be objective and don&#39;t let the fear of the unknown or peer /sneer pressure cloud your analysis. Don&#39;t stop there!There are numerous details that the keen eye and analytical mind can uncover,

    • LOL! You sound like your very gullible. Your so-called &quot;observation&quot; and analysis of this video makes you sound like a simpleton. It is clearly fake. You go ahead and keep commenting on everyones post and show how silly you really are.

    • So it is YOU I&#39;ve been talking about!!!Did I strike a raw nerve in your self-esteem or inadequacies ?!<br />When you repeat &quot;It is clearly fake&quot;, you still haven&#39;t got the guts to support this conclusion with rational reasons, or even identify yourself beyond &#39;anonymous&#39; or &#39;LOL&#39;. I have not made any affirmative statement- &quot;real&quot; or &quot;fake&quot;-as

  12. The makers of this film can be commended for high technical abilities. Although, it is not near the quality of major motion pictures. I&#39;m not sure why they spend so much time on things like this. Is it to try to fool people? To show off their skills? It only hurts the current situation of serious inquiry into the subject.

    • You are making flawed( or contrived?) assumptions in your implied conclusion that this video is &#39;fake&#39;.<br />Baseless comments like yours, &quot;Is it to try to fool people?&quot;, do not contribute an iota to &quot;serious inquiry into the (UFO) subject&quot;.

    • Don&#39;t listen to &quot;myroni&quot;. What you posted is correct. I agree completely. &quot;Myroni&quot; is full of hot air. All talk but not really saying anything.

  13. To myroni:<br /><br />Thank you for your comments. I haven&#39;t reviewed the LUS comments in a while because the content is often beyond ridiculous and not worth reading. That being said, it seems as though you and I share the mindset when it comes to this issue. People are so quick to say something is &quot;so obviously fake&quot; and yet they offer zero reasons for their claims. Furthermore,

    • To Anonymous Reply:To myroni;<br />Like yourself,I have also avoided reviewing, let alone contributing to, the LUS comments for awhile. I decided to test the waters again, but this time to try and promote/trigger an objective forum of discussion based on rational and mature communication. I sympathise but disagree with your light-hearted suggestion,but&quot;it would be nice&quot;. No they won&#39

  14. I&#39;m a believer, have been for years. But for the love of god do not let this video fool you. It&#39;s so bad I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s even been posted up here.<br />It&#39;s fine for people to say they think it&#39;s genuine or tell others to be open minded about it, but there&#39;s one large glaring flaw in this video.<br /><br />The framerate of the actual recording is significantly

    • To Al Seeing Eye: <br />Your adamant conclusion of &quot;fake&quot; is based entirely on your subjective assumption / &quot;guess&quot;!!! that the frame-rates of object and video are inconsistent – yet you obviously make these analyses without any objective measurements,such as with computer graphic techniques.<br />This assumption is the &quot;one large glaring flaw&quot; in your conclusion.

    • OK ! Now look who&#39;s &quot;all talk&quot;.<br />&#39;Put your money where your mouth is&#39;and recreate a &quot;believable&quot; video, but don&#39;t forget to POST it on LUS !<br />

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