Bright UFOs hovering above Phoenix, Arizona 27-Dec-2012

UFO lightsUFO videos – These huge bright unidentified flying objects were seen and filmed hovering in the night sky above Phoenix in Arizona on 27th December 2012.

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  1. This looks like three commercial airliners lined up for their approach to SkyHarbor. They don&#39;t just fly in from every which direction straight on towards the runway in Phoenix. <br /><br />They enter Phoenix airspace most often from the northeast side of the city, and then settle in to a prescribed altitude over the city heading away from the airport, east to west over Bethany Home Rd. When

  2. Why is there a post like this every month? As a Phoenix resident I laugh at this. I see something like this almost every night on my way home from work. They always turn out to be airplanes when I stare at them long enough. I notice these videos are always very short. They usually end right before the landing lights should go on.<br />I saw the Phoenix lights. These don&#39;t look like them. <br

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