UFO Reported Shutting Off Lights Before Disappearing

A suspected UFO was reportedly turning off its lights before vanishing over Tate County, Mississippi. According to the witness, who was driving along a road, the UFO seemed to look like a jet and its lights were very bright that anyone who looks at it would be blinded.

UFO MississippiThe report was sent to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on January 6, 2013 though it happened on November 12, 2012. Heading into the town, the witness observed that the unidentified flying object was about to fall out of the sky. But when the witness went out of the vehicle to take photo using iPhone 5, the craft suddenly shut off its lights then vanished silently right before the witness’ eyes.

Moreover, the witness speculated that the craft is not innate on Earth and that it may have the capability to become invisible to hide itself. The witness further explained that the said unidentified flying object was something normal to see but after it switched off the lights, things changed as it is no longer ordinary for a plane to do such and to disappear instantly while flying over the sky.

The state of Mississippi has only few sightings of UFOs and is rated UFO ALERT 5 nationally. It takes the spot as the 42nd higher reporting state in the country.

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