Former Peruvian Air Force Researcher Confirms Extraterrestrial Existence

A former researcher at the Air Force in Peru confirmed that extraterrestrials are no joke and that they are just hovering somewhere on Earth. Dr. Anthony Choy believes that aliens and UFOs are real and that there are strong proofs showing their existence on the planet.
Dr. Anthony Choy
Dr. Anthony Choy

Dr. Choy, also an attorney, spearheaded the investigation of “The Chulucanas Incident,” in which luminous red-orange ships were reportedly flying over the city of Chulucanas in northern Peru for approximately two and half hours on October 13, 2001. These ships, which were claimed as ufos, were said to be making strange geometric formations in the sky. Starting that day, lights of unknown origin were noticed for 2 days and many have witnessed the events to the point that they used video recordings to document what they saw. Dr. Choy was one of the first who took video of the strange sightings.

The appearance of luminous lights continued on October 25th which was observed over the city’s countryside and in the woods. But on November 15th on that same year marked the sudden panic of population when one of the so called ufos appeared in the city sky.
The investigation into the incident reached its climax when the Peruvian Air Force decided to collaborate with Univision, a popular television channel in the United States of America, to record a distant strange object moving at a tremendous speed in the sky.
Dr. Choy was one of the founders of Ufo Office of the Peruvian Air Force (OIFAA) and the author of the study called “Project 33,” which is all about UFO phenomenon in the country.

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