Huge bright lights hovering above Miami, Florida 8-Jan-2013

UFOs Orbs
Latest UFO sightings 2013 – This interesting video of a huge unidentified flying objects or orbs hovering in the sky above Miami in Florida. This was seen and recorded on Tuesday, 8th January 2013.

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  1. Dear Aliens, <br />I&#39;m glad you came and I hope that all is well for you. Could you please help us save our dying planet? Please help us to survive.<br /><br />Thank you, <br />white lily

    • what makes u think they&#39;re benevolent? anyway there is more than one race of alien observing us, and believe me, they&#39;re not here to save us.

  2. Would you kindly please disclose the following;<br />what area was this craft captured on video, what date was it recorded please? and also was this craft hovering above an apartment complex or an individual home please? the last thing is the duration of this visit?<br />I do thank you as I am an Alien Abductee along with my four sons and one of these crafts had been witnessed hovering over our

  3. the triangle sign must be important tringle spacecraft triangle designs pyramids triangular equilateral triangles in maths whats the significance with these type of crafts or designs or triangles in general .

    • It&#39;s not a bloody triangle! It&#39;s clearly 3 separate objects. Any 3 objects floating in the sky will eventually form the shape of a triangle.

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