Most remarkable UFO sightings in December 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in December 2012 by

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December 2012; mass UFO sightings – Sri Lanka

4th December 2012; bright UFO – Longview, Texas

4th December 2012; 2 unknown lights – Grand Blanc, Michigan

7th December 2012; triangle formation – Nevada

8th December 2012; unknown lights – San Francisco, California

11th December 2012; UFOs or orbs – Bakersfield, California

21th December 2012; mass UFO activity – Santiago, Chile

14th December 2012; ring-shaped UFO – Ankara, Turkey

14th December 2012; daytime UFOs – Texas, USA

15th December 2012; daytime UFO – Orlando, Florida

19th December 2012; UFO near a plane – Chicago, Illinois

21st December 2012; solid flying object – Pic de Bugarach in France

24th December 2012; 2 linked lights – San Antonio, Texas

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