New UFO Activity Observed in the Village of Denudoo, New South Wales

New South Wales has been long reported with unidentified flying objects and what a man from Dunedoo saw across the night sky only proves that the Australian state has something when it comes to extraterrestrials.

The man allegedly claimed that he saw several ufos which he reported to an UFO expert for close observation in the said area. Mariana Flynn, president of UFO Research NSW, purposely went to the village of Dunedoo after hearing the man’s claim and revealed that she saw unknown lights which she observed for two nights in the sky. She added that she was sure that such lights were neither from planes nor from satellites.

As Mariana Flynn observed on the man’s video footage, there were two lights seen flying together on a regular basis. They may pass each other while others may unveil themselves on the opposite side. Flynn noticed that a green light with the shape of a mushroom was consistently seen on the Central Coast in the video.

While the UFO expert contended that some of the unknown lights seen on the video footage may not be UFOs, she noted that she was not able to explain what she saw during the sighting. She further stated that though these objects might not be ufos, there are really things that even science cannot explain.

The continent of Australia has been known to have UFO sightings and the event is not new at all. In fact, other witnesses reported lights in orange color flying in other states. According to reports, these identified flying objects are moving slowing without any noise and just disappear in few minutes or hours.

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  1. sir. why is your film on slow speed. we as the audience cannot capture what you are seeing in real time, to us it looks like a plane. could you put your film on here in real time please. it does look interesting.

  2. These folks seem honest;that's a good thing.A kight in the sky is however just a light in the sky.What we need is;"THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL".

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