Possible UFO under the Dust of Mars Discovered

Another anomaly was found in Mars that appears to be a UFO buried under the dust in the surface of the planet. Through the use of Google Mars Map, Scott Waring discovered the buried object. According to the estimates by Waring, the object seems to be around 30 meters wide and 60 meters long. It has a shape similar to the Star Wars land cruiser.
UFO on Mars
Aside from Waring, many other researchers discovered anomalies on Mars and Moon through the use of satellite imagery of NASA. Scientists working under NASA usually attribute such anomalies to purely geological processes and they always do not bother to investigate further the possible artificial nature because of costs and mission priorities.
Waring made a YouTube video showing the anomaly he discovered using Google Mars Map. In the video, Waring estimates the size of the object and compares the shape of surrounding craters to the one he discovered. He zooms in and out on the object that seems to appear artificial in shape.

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  1. I do believe in aliens and ufos but this is somewhat far fetched in my opinion. Not that obvious. Need a good lot of imagination to see the &quot;ufo&quot;. Anyway, keep searching because there are some strange things on the pictures here and there. <br />

  2. Wow It looks like an alien face with the big eyes and long fingers on the ground behind the spaceship! The 128 mark! lol actually I thought there was a better shot, but I can&#39;t find it!

  3. it&#39;s just a gravel bottom, a low spot where the wind has blown the drifting sand off the different colored strata beneath it.

  4. There is an alien face behind the ship! Wouldn&#39;t have noticed it if it wasn&#39;t pointed out. Quite uncanny I must say! Definitely something embedded in the ground too that doesnt quite look natural to its surroundings!

  5. thats justa small hillock on mars landscape never a ufo all speculation guess work concentrate on the ones filmed daily throughout our planet over the world .

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