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Your UFO reports: 29th December – 5th January 2013

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Bangkok, Thailand – Jan.5.2013 PM.7.00
Youtube video link:

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Eastpointe Royal Oak, Michigan – January 4th 2013
Orb, Blue and Full of Energy

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Dunlora, Charlottesville, Virginia – January 1st, 2013

We observed another UFO earlier tonight. She noticed this bright object when letting our dog out and called me. First, it appeared to be just hanging in the air (northeast sky), but before I was able to get back with a camera, it was flying west and about to enter a blocked-view, so I managed to take only a couple of quick shots.

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Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines – 1/1/2013 00:15 Hrs
As the fireworks started to celebrate the new year (2013).
A formation of lights (3 to 5) passed the sky. It was different from chinese lanterns which are colored orange and flies low. This was blue, green and red and all travelling at the same speed. Higher and faster than the chinese lanterns. Intially, in a V formation from North to South and the next was a Straight line, also from North to South.

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Quezon City, PHILIPPINES – 1. jan – 11:30pm to 12:30 am
Glowing objects (blue,green, red,white) shown travelling slowly from point A to B with size of small stars then disappeared then re-appears again from point A. It appears 3 to 4 times during the fireworks in New Years eve as if they are curious of non-stop fire works display above philippine skies.

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Northeast side of Lexington, Ky – 1. jan – 6:30 pm
Large triangular shape outlined with pulsing red lights traveled forward and abruptly halted, completely silent. Sat there for a good thirty seconds and took off.

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Howick, Auckland, New Zealand – 31. 12. 12 12:49am
At 12:49am this morning i have find a very strange object that had a bright orange light flying over our neighbourhood. This was very strange so i rang up the local police station to see if any helicopters had been called out, there was no records of helicopters leaving the pad for 6hours, i also rang up the rescue helicopters, nothing there either. so i investigated even more, having checked all flight times, and none where going past 11:00am-1:30am this has led me to believe i have sighted an UFO. There was fireworks tonight going off since new years, But i am sure it was nothing to do with them. This bright orange light travelling about as fast as a plane was alot lower to the ground and about the some size, but i could not get a closer look because there was alot of bush around. I could not believe what i have seen, so I thought it might be good to share it with you guys. Hopefully you find it somewhat interesting.

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Kauaeranga valley, New Zealand – 12/29/12
Extrememly clear night , out of the corner of my eye i see this massive white light shoot into the sky from this mountain about 2k’s away , in the shape of a crescent. My brother immediately asked me if i saw it too , i said yes but he said it was orange in the middle . very strange. sorry no photos or video.

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Tigard, Oregon – December 28th 2012
Just saw these outside. They were stopped in mid air like a star then all the sudden moving like a plane. Not sure what these were!
Youtue video link:

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Long Beach Calif. Over Downtown Long Beach – Dec. 28, 2012
I happen to see this large bright orb just blink on in the sky. It never moved so I ran my video camera on it until it was covered by clouds. Camera was on a tripod and zoomed in as far as I could do it.

Youtube video link:

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New York – 23-Dec-2012 10:47 PM
I saw some kind of glowing thing, December 23, 2012. This is the story of how I saw it, first I was sitting on my couch I was watching TV and then I wanted to go to the bathroom then in the bathroom I saw a glowing thing it scared me, I did not know what that was.

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Greenpoint, Brooklyn – Dec 20 2012
Saw two lights orbiting one another on December 20, 2012 over Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Watched for over an hour. I am strict atheist/scientist not involved with ufo community. There is, however, no doubt to what I saw. I am sending this because no matter what explanation turns out in the end to be true, obviously people are witnessing something significant this many times in the sky from different places and it beholds everyone to seek out the truth.

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Portland Cr.Middlesex – year around 1973 eve
I was taking my Dog for a walk at night, when i heard a low humming sound, and the hairs on the back of my neck rose up,my dog crouched down low and whined,i looked up and saw this huge machine it covered 3 rooftops of the houses, it had many many brightley colored lights underneath it, from the centre a pinkish light lit up the street,. I ran down the hill to tell my Father, but by the time we got back up the hill the thing had gone, later that week it was sighted over the English Channel by many people. I also have seen a Man in a silver suit from a head helmet to silver boots like a spaceman would wear, i was taking my Mother to work in UK it was and this Man ? was standing on the bridge in Mollison Way,Edgware,Middlesex.UK but when i looked in the rearview mirror he had gone, and there was nowhere to go he just vanished. He looked as though there was some type of contraption on his back of the silver suit he was enclosed in.

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Clamsteam rd, Clifton park, NY – summer in the 70s
I was by my moms car looked up in sky and three orbs of light hovored over me at first they where white then they changed colors sort of zid zaged and then they just took off gone in a blink.

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