New video of UFO activity above Victoria, Australia 4-Jan-2013

2013 orbsUFO videos 2013 – This interesting footage of 2 bright objects was recorded in the night sky above Torquay Front Beach in Victoria, Australia on Friday, 4th January 2013 at 10 pm.

Witness report: I spotted this very large and bright object flying overhead very high in the sky, I caught this clip on my iphone just as it was passing the star Sirius which I have tried to use as a reference in the video, the object was travelling directly North to South & I am facing east this was heading out over Bass Straight, there was NO flashing lights at all and it appeared as a large triangle with 3 consistant light sources although you can’t really see that in this video.

Further… I did ask the Pleiadians to make an appearance so I could record it on my new iphone 5 (as a test) only minutes before this appeared…YES I’m that crazy and yes this is what I filmed.

Author (Alicia5D @ youtube)

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  1. i seen a light in the sky driving from melbourne towards Geelong on that hot friday night it was about 9pm and i seen one bright light toward the coast and it just disappeared all a sudden i keeped looking around for it but i didnt see it and had to keep my eyes on the road. now that this has also been seen by someone that was 80km from me in that same direction i believe it must of been a ufo

    • we also saw this very bright light that night . it flew low directly over us, we got a good look but was very bright at one stage to look at . we finished dinner at 10.00pm that night and went out for fresh air, and this very bright light caught us by surprise. very bright orange, it flew silently over us and turned direction from where we were heading towards ballarat , till it flew out of

  2. I think you may find it is the ISS …it has been visable in the sky over the last week in Australia. Your location Date and time confirms this. However there have been 3 different nights in the last week that I have seen Unidentified Flying Objects that appeared after the ISS was long gone. These have all appeared to be a star sitting very still high in the sky,the first occasion the 'star&#

  3. Her video&#39;s are fake. I use to be in contact with her and she would tell me over the phone she&#39;s waiting for the boys to Fly their RC planes.<br /><br />She has no Credibility. Not from my perspective just thought id share

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