Statements from the Leading UFO Skeptic in the World

There are several researchers and believers out there who devote themselves to UFO sightings. But no one could ever imagine how Philip J. Klass spends almost all of his life on ufology and extraterrestrials.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering which he finished at Iowa State in 1941, Klass has been continuing his research on unidentified flying object even at age of 80. He was still working more than 40 hours every week to study ufo cases and other ufo-matters. He did not mind of responding to reports even it comes from distant lands such as Russia and India.

Philip J Klass
Philip J Klass

Klass shared that he conducted his first ever major examination of a ufo case in Socorro, New Mexico in 1966. It was about an unknown flying object with a shape of an egg that landed in the area. However, he also pointed out the one of the interesting cases about aliens he investigated was a UFO-photo case wherein a glowing flying object that looked like a plasma was photographed by a teenager named James Lucci. The event was recounted in his book “UFOs: Identified.”

Moreover, Klass recalled that the case in New Zealand in 1978 was what he considers as the most time-consuming case he ever investigated. He explained that this case drew a lot of attention that even media coverage was involved because of the video footage of several diverse UFOs in the country.

When asked about the unforgettable 1947 Roswell case, Klass believed that book authors made some editing to help the government hide the truth behind the claimed crash of a UFO in the area wherein the dead bodies of aliens were recovered by the military.

Klass had written several books about aliens and ufos, including his best-selling “UFOs Explained.” He was also working as aerospace journalist for Washington.

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  1. Its odd to see Klass being written about in the present tense when he died in 2005. As a journalist, Klass quickly discovered that being a shill for the orthodox UFO interpretation paid off well with access to informative govt sources. That's about the best you could say for him.

    • Don&#39;t ever anticipate anything on this site to be fact checked, maybe he came back from the dead in 2006. <br />Between mis spells, sentences, titles, and entire paragraphs that make no sense? <br />I constantly ask myself; Is this site the work of Aliens who do not count English as their first language……

  2. Mr. Klass made a statement twenty years ago, : &quot;You are more apt to get kicked in the head by Santa&#39;s Reindeer , than to be abducted by Aliens !&quot; (I may be living proof that he was wrong. But, very funny.) Thank you Mr. Philip J. Klass !

  3. Only a sucker would take Klass seriously. The more implausible the &#39;explanation&#39;, the better he liked it.<br /><br />

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