Strange explosion in the sky above Sacramento, California 20-Dec-2012

Sacramento UFOA Sacramento man scanning the night sky caught a sudden burst of light through his telescope. He recorded that strange sight with his smart phone.

CBS13 shared the video with experts to see if they could solve the mystery.

10th January 2013 Update:

Elijah Prychodzko showed a circular, bright aerial object in a video he captured using his telescope on December 20, 2012. Since then, many explanations started to form about the possible identity of the object including an alien spacecraft, a runaway planet, military weapons, a hoax, and more.
Two different images of the same type of event surfaced. One was taken above Tampa Bay, Florida on July 2, 2012 and the other one was taken over Sacramento on December 20, 2012.
Some speculated that the alleged exploding UFO that was captured by Prychodzko on video was a weather balloon and not something from outer space.
Frank Warren, a 40-year old veteran UFO researcher, said that if a planetary-size space explosion happened, NASA, professional, or even amateur astronomers would notice it.
According to the follow-up investigation by Warren, editor and publisher of The UFO Chronicles, the Sacramento video shows an object that was clearly terrestrial in origin based on the altitude that weather balloons usually explode.
There are many videos on the internet showcasing weather balloon explosions. The thing that looks like orbiting a weather balloon is an instrument package known as a radiosonde that swings under the balloon. As the balloon goes up, air pressure decreases which can cause the balloon to expand until it bursts.

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  1. why don't they show us the actual explosion, if the man caught it on film? it goes from one picture, intact, to an exploded looking picture. it is very strange, but if you're going to report you caught the explosion on film, please let the public see it happening.

  2. it's a weather balloon exploding..u clearly see the isnt going UP, its actually going DOWN, cos this guy is using a mirror telescope for sure, and mirror telescopes convex lenses show images UPSIDE DOWN…its normal, but makes objects falling down look as they r going that easy..and sure that guy knows bout all that since he s using that telescope not first time i guess..

    • Nice well thought out theory, except for one detail, why is it lit up and emitting light? I don't think weather balloons are filled with hydrogen any more, and helium is not flammable.

  3. meteorite exploding in space no big deal or old space debris blowing up in night sky there is a logical explanation i guess .

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