UFO Video: Strange Lights over Cardwell, Queensland

A small town in north Queensland is getting the attention of UFO enthusiasts, researchers, observers, and some skeptics following sightings of unusual lights in the sky.

Greg Smith, a businessman from Cardwell, claimed that he and his son saw the strange lights for 15 minutes and they believed that they saw some kind of UFO.

orbsMr Smith told the Townsville Bulletin that their sighting happened few months ago. He said that he used to be a sceptic of anything about UFOs and aliens but the event rattled him and his son.

Mr Smith mentioned that they saw the lights from the front of the Lyndoch Motel on the highway towards the northern end of the town.

He said that they saw two large orange lights without beam and noise. The lights were moving slowly toward the north-west. They could not determine if the lights were from one or two UFOs. Mr Smith stressed that if they heard noise coming from the lights, they would think that they were coming from one or two helicopters.

Another resident from Cardwell, Phil Mulley, said that he and his wife Helen saw the lights on two consecutive nights.

He said that they thought the lights were coming from a chopper up the channel. They saw the UFO for a couple of minutes before it disappeared in the clouds. The next day, the witness was called by his sister to look outside. He went outside and look at the sky. He immediately noticed two lights. They watched the lights for a couple of minutes before they completely disappeared in the clouds.

Mr Mulley claimed that he he knew at least six or seven other individuals who witnessed the lights.

Sheryl Gottschall, president of UFO Research Queensland, said that she could not determine the origin of the lights but added that she is open to the idea that there were extraterrestrials which visited earth from time to time.

She further mentioned that in her 25 years in the ogranisation, she already spoke to 3000 people who have witnessed strange lights and objects and 600-700 individuals who claimed that they experienced close encounters.

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  1. I live in Innisfail just north of Cardwell. In October 2005 my wife & I saw two separate flights of orange glowing orbs in groups of three fly firstly northwards & then the next flight right over our heads towards the north west. They were completely silent & brighter than large stars.

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