Video and Photo of Strange Sightings in Cape Town and Texas

Unexplainable UFO sightings often become controversial because people normally want logical explanation but experts cannot provide it. Some witnesses of alleged UFO sightings are sometimes puzzled as to how to handle the experience. Few do not hesitate to ask for explanation.

Recently, a man claimed a sighting of unidentified object over Cape Town, South Africa. The UFO was hiding in a disc-shaped cloud, according to the report. Meanwhile, a photographer from Texas asked for help for the strange figure he captured in a photo.

Both of the witnesses are looking for solid explanation about their experiences while at the same time seem to convince what they saw were originated from other planets.

The UFO sighting in Cape Town was uploaded to YouTube by Andrew Botha. The video shows a strange cloud sighting in the later part of the month of December 2012. The witness claimed that he saw the disc-shaped could disappeared and re-appeared after an hour. He said that he observed the strange events for few hours before sunset. The raw video was also uploaded by Botha upon request of fellow UFO observer. What was it? Watch the video and you be the judge.

Meanwhile in Texas, a man asked help to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) about what he captured on photograph. The witness particularly requested photo and imaging experts to explain what he caught on photo. He suspected that the image could have resulted from illusion created by shadows but he wanted to be certain about it. He came back to the place where he took the photo the next day but the alien-like figure was already gone.

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  1. The first is just a lenticular cloud; they&#39;re very common.<br /><br />The second, I believe, is just the surrounding brush. If you photograph it at just the right angle and distance, you can get that effect.

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