Video of triangle UFO hovering above Medan, Indonesia 5-Jan-2013

triangle UFOLatest UFO sightings 2013 – This interesting footage of triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky above Medan, the capital of the North Sumatra province in Indonesia, was filmed on Saturday, 5th January 2013.

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  1. These "lights in the night sky" reports are realy a waste of time. So are all of the (always) fuzzy daytime pictures of shapeless blobs of light. If there really are aliens bearing gifts and elightenment out there, an I am open to the idea, with reasonable proof, lets beg them to give us a camera with something better than the coke bottle glass lenses all of these "witnesses"

    • you working for them , or you one of the 95% humans which have fallen victim to to a exponential decay in information which is the policy of mainstream internet<br />all the (spies,pilots,hackers) know whats going on <br />wait until you receive payment for the biggest (lie,secret,story,crime,genocide) of all time.<br /><br />

  2. typical triangle craft are they military craft i think the latter &amp; im only speculating with modern aero technology these days nothing surprises me good camera work stil a ufo of some degree .

  3. I knew that u all think i&#39;m crazy and bullshit but let me tell u what i&#39;ve seen yesterday (January 10, 2013)..<br />I was at the top of our house with my girlfriend, about 9 PM..collecting back the dry clothes..<br />we looked at the sky, talking about stars, arguing which one of them are the brightest..then we saw a sparkling light (red,yellow and white), it&#39;s a dot like, only one

    • Don&#39;t be afraid of ANYTHING, pal! For sure the mission of the UFOs is to try and save us from ourselves. It was you and your girlfriend&#39;s special DESTINY to see them; you can be sure of that. Forget all the alien monster rubbish! WE on planet Earth are the only alien monsters in the entire cosmos. You don&#39;t believe me? Go and Google ALFRED HITCHCOCK BELSEN LIBERATION FOOTAGE. – Then

    • You have that right my friend. They are Not here to destroy us . And at the present time they are making sure that we All get to see them . They are letting the people here on Mother Earth know . We are Not Alone . More sightings are being seen . Especially where there are Big groups of people gathered . As Our own goverment refuse&#39;s Still that UFO&#39;S Do Exist! 201342 12:42 am

    • @Cuervobrillante &amp; Anonymous<br />Thanks guys..just want to let u know that in recent months, i&#39;m always watching the skies whenever possible..and found nothing..<br />it&#39;s been more than five months since i saw it..and yes it&#39;s my destiny..<br /><br />

  4. Meu Nome é Haroldo, moro no Brasil-Rio de Janeiro-Niterói.<br />Não vou relatar todos os OVNI que já vi, pois foram mais de 50 em pelo menos quarenta anos de vida. <br />Acompanho este saite porque acho sério e as vezes leio alguns comentário e digo: tem gente muito séria neste saite. <br />Sou do tempo que quando a pessoa falava em OVni era chamado de louco, mas sempre me mantive firme nos meus

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