VIDEO: Triangle formation of UFOs above Bucharest, Romania – January 2013

Bucharest UFOUFO videos 2013 – This UFO activity was recorded in the night sky above Bucharest, the capital municipality and the largest city of Romania. Recorded in early January 2013.

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  1. these triangle craft taking over being seen regular basis now are they new military craft or alien craft ? good video & budapest

  2. This is spy armada from the sky lead by Lieutenant General Isa Alaihisallam (Jesus) son of Mary, will be coming to conquer the earth (Armageddon War)..Allah give to all Jewish and Christians enough time!..enough is enough! To all my brothers and sister!! please come back to ISLAM!!!! only ISLAM the truth religion!

  3. there aren't ufo instead are those balls that are often used by fire for the new year …. we also feel the fireworks that means it's New Year's Eve

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