Daytime UFO filmed in Arona, Italy 12-Dec-2012

I just received this UFO report:

Italy ORB

On December 12th, 2012 a UFO was observed near Arona (Italy). A person saw a strange bright object and made a video and photographs. Intrigued by the finding, they informed about the video the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M) whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting video on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. The image analyst, Fusco Biagio, has already started his data analysis on the video sent by the witnesses. On official CUFOM youtube channel “CUFOMCHANNEL”, it’s possible to find the video about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
Dr. Angelo Carannante

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  1. pure class typical ufo sighting brilliant italy from dr a. carranante what more proof do people require must be part of our universe or pop in & out whenever they need too .

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