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Your UFO reports: 26th January – 2nd February 2013

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South Sacramento, California – 02/01/13 9:44pm
I was walking to the store (9:44pm) on south land park heading north. Two lights , light amber in color, where coming towards me from north west. When I arrived at the store(2 min. walk from my house) the two light where over head. I guy leaving the store also look up and witness the lights. One light had stop, and the other would go around it. I ask the guy how work in the store to come out and look at the lights. He also did know what they were. Two young men (17 to 20 ) said they had been watching the lights since they left there house. Another guy pulled up in car, he also witness the lights . I want in the store before it closed. The young men said the light just shot off.

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Derry, New Hampshire – January 31st 2013
Not some every day footage of a bright energy orb turning into a Triangle UFO. Very clear and real footage!

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Sobrado-Valongo, Portugal – 30/01/2013 – Arround 19:30h
In the last few months, ufo ssightings here in Portugal have really increased, very often i see ufo’s in the same spot,and at the same time, day over day arround here. And today it happend again, i was in the bus to get home, i was arriving from school, and i saw a bright blue object, like disk , not very high, just aside the hills, and as i was in the bus, i havent seen more, and that’s the 4th time in 3 weeks that i see that ufo, in that spot at the same time. Then i arrived in my town Sobrado and went to my home, and then looked to the sky and saw a disk shaped ufo just lifting from the top of the hill in the back of my house, it goes into the sky, i could see it passing through the clouds,and then it desapered complitely into the clouds, then it apears again an is flying in the clouds, moving, and while i got home, i was seen this while walking so i could take any photo, then i got home, went to my rough to see it, and then tried to take a video, but it wouldnt appear in it, since it was dark. Then i went inside, went to my bedrom’s window, which is right to that side of the sky, but it wasnt there anymore, and then my mom calls my and says that there’s a ufo in the sky, i get out of my home and it was right there just above our neighberhood, mixing with the cluds, it was bright yellow light, more like orange, and it was easy to see that that eas really a disk shaped ufo. So as a ufo believer for may years sice i see this things arround here since i was youong. And i hopefull for people to know the real truth. ( at leat my family has the perception that tose things exist, i even asked my 72 year old grandparent if he ever saw something like that and he just answered “Ofcourse, many times, they are not evil, they are good ”
People really havve to start beleivung, it’s our destiny.

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Dorridge, Solihull, UK – 21:10 2013-01-30
Sudden fireball seen in the sky by myself and husband, with a greenish tinge, appeared to drop out of the sky . Approx location near Four Ashes / M42 Dorridge, Solihull, West Midlands . No fireworks around at the time .

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Hwy 90 in New Iberia, La headed south – 01-26-2013 11:30pm central

It could have been a meteor or something. It looked similar to a falling star but it was going straight down. It was on fire and the fire got more pronounced and bigger as it got closer to the earth. The car in front of me almost went off the road and slowed to a stop.

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Canada Lake Ontario – January 26th 2013
Last night, January 26, 2013, around 10:30pm my girlfriend and I witnessed a series of hovering lights over Lake Ontario in Etobicoke. We must have seen approximately 11-16 of these things appear in the same area, over the course of about 2 hours. We finally decided to take a video 11:41 pm, which shows 3 of these things and a plane that flies past them, going towards Pearson Airport, about 3 minutes in. I went outside on the balcony and these things didn’t make any noise as they flew by. They were hovering above the lake, and we could see the reflections on the water, but unfortunately the phone camera didn’t pick that up. This video was taken on my girlfriend’s iphone 5. 

Youtube video link:

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mt baker hwy, Washington – 01 /13
saw a 15 to 20 feet on a side pyramid. 3 sided glowing golden. it was about 200 yards away so i saw it real good. it stopped over the river and dropped down 3 “light tubes?” into the river. then gold balls of light streamed up the tubes. this lasted 15 seconds maybe. then it started rotating and moving upthe valley. then it moved 10 miles in half a second and made 2 90 degree turns and flew over the ridge to the north. about a minute later 2 helicopters flew the same path and folloiwed it.

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Mauritius island – every night at 8pm
almost everynight at 8pm in the sky we see a flying object near stars so it cannot be a airoplane it goes too fast its like a moving star

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