Huge UFO flying over Western Australia 11-Feb-2013

sphereLatest UFO sightings – New video of a huge unidentified flying object flying across the night sky above Cooloongup in Western Australia. This was taken on Monday, 11th February 2013.

Witness report: I noticed several pulsations in the sky but they were too fast to capture. So I positioned my Monocular in the direction of the pulsations and I recorded an orb. Strange thing about this orb, over the years ive been recording. This has to be the quickest fade out of an orb to date! I even include a screenshot of Nasa Eye on earth. That tracks all the Satellites and gives you real time data.
I was surprised to see anything even with the Nasa’s Data. I am going to use this application on future sightings to try and minimize the chance of it being anything man made.

Author (AustralianPhenomena @ youtube)

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  1. Most interesting! Great work. However, don't see the need for 1:45 minutes of video/audio for 20-30 seconds of actual sighting?

  2. Nice video! However i wonder if it is a satellite? Its bright when the sun hits it and it reflects and then when it comes further away the angle is different so it &quot;fades out&quot; because the sun is not reflected to the observers point of view. Not trying to debunk or anything but thats what i always think my self when i see these. <br />/ Andrew

  3. Nice catch.It&#39;s not a satellite,since its movement is not linear (hard right-turn at 0.38),and its angular diameter is way bigger than the stars,etc.<br />A satellite is visible only for a couple of seconds,not for this long time.<br />You can even see its massive acceleration at the end of video,when it bursts to open space.<br />J

    • think you got your rights and lefts mixed up. it turns to the left and starts to go down, or in relation to what we see on the ground, is going down, when it&#39;s actually fading out. and yes, i have never seen a satellite do this. adolf, why do you consider this rubbish?

  4. This is not a satellite. As satellite move in short time, they travel straight line. Only over long period can you see them appear to change direction and thats from horizon to horizon. This was clearny moving up,accross and down in a few seconds and short distance. Cool. wish i&#39;d seen it.

  5. Compared to the stars which are stationary at this time of the video, this UFO is amazing in its speed and incredible acceleration at which it disappears. Amazing indeed. Which proves it is a creation from outer space, not like our primitive technology.

  6. Such videos begin to bore me.<br />Why do you not understand the Skywatching the time of the Mayans was cur! Not more than 2013<br />This is a waste of time and will not solve the real problem on earth so determined.

    • if it&#39;s a waste of time looking for life, U tell that to jodie foster from contact not to search for a Intelligent Radio wave signal emenating. 😀 these guys are doing what they believe in. The problems thats going on. On Earth can be solved from the sky. Although they arn&#39;t going to have an open relationship with us yet.

    • the mayans still may be right anyway, are calendars are different then theres were. try reading some nostradamus then will talk

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