Curiosity’s Onboard Camera Discovers Metallic Object on Mars

A shiny metallic object has been observed during the image analysis of the photographs taken by the MastCam of Curiosity Rover on Mars in January 2013. It appears to be sticking out of a Martian bedrock and reflects the light of the sun in some areas on the red planet.

Latest photographs from the rover were examined by Italian imaging expert Elizabeth Bonora who said that the size of such object is somehow hard to measure. However, using the camera’s resolution, she estimates that the object measures between 2-3 centimeters and locates 8- meters from the Curiosity. She called it as a flower on Mars.

Recently, the rover spotted an earlier object which was then discovered to be just a plastic detached from the vehicle onto the planet’s sand. But Bonora claims that she is unsure whether the new object found is part of the rover or not since it is too distant to be clearly identified.

Moreover, the image specialist suggests that the object might be an ice with the composition of a metal. Possibly, it could also be a mineral or a fragment from a meteorite.

On the other hand NASA is still not able to provide comments on the said object following the misinterpretation of the discovery of earlier organics on the red planet.

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  1. I was wondering where the 'pelican' man was. Hello there. Pelican…no….maybe dove's looking for something to land on. Or Turkeys, they fly.

  2. What a joke this Disney production of theirs is, right down to assigning irrelevent patches of mud cute names. They play their little games digging dirt and ignoring what little of interest they actually stumble upon by deliberatly landing in areas devoid of anything worth looking at. Here's a gem of an idea for you. They have dirt over at Sedonia too, guys, among the ruins we all know are

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